My Current Weight Loss

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yes, it really is me... and I'm actually blogging!

Hello all... (or, the two of you who will read this, since you've all given up on my writing another blog before the next millenium!) Sorry I've been away for so long! The time just seems to get away from me... I was shocked to see it had been almost 2 months since my last blog.... I thought it was maybe two weeks! Silly me.

Nothing much has changed on my end. Still wedding planning, still trying to sell/buy a house, still working... SOSDD, as my dad would say. And, my weight hasn't changed, either. Yeah, I'm annoyed with myself... actually, pissed off at myself... for wasting the last few months instead of losing weight. But, a teenie tiny part is just glad that I haven't gained any weight, either. The Holidays suck, as everyone knows. This weekend I spent hours and hours and hours baking cookies and brownies to give away as Hanukkah presents. Well, you can't bake cookies without taking a few bites of cookie dough... and then you have to taste the finished cookies to make sure they taste good... and then you have to taste one once you've finished frosting/decorating them. Yeah, it was one of those weekends.

Oh, and FYI, I greatly dislike snow! I don't know why I moved to Denver of all places! I can't wait to go home to California for Christmas and feel some nice, warm sunshine! Who needs a white Christmas... NOT ME!

Anyhow, it is past my bed time so I'm going to wrap this up. Again, sorry for being MIA for too long. Hopefully this weekend I will have a chance to catch up on some of your blogs and maybe even write another of my own! *gasp* Yes, it just might happen... prepare yourself. :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Snowy Sunday

That's right - it's October and it snowed about 4+ inches here today. Yesterday it was 78 and sunny. Where in the world does it drop over 40 degrees in one day?! Oh, yeah... Denver. At least it is starting to melt already and it looks like it will be a pretty nice week. I am so not ready for winter.

Matt left today on a trek to Kansas City, MO. He found a car he wants out there so he left for the 9 hour drive this afternoon. I'm always wishing I had more free time to do some fun stuff, but I've had all day to myself and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do. Since our house is on the market, the place is spotless so there was nothing to clean. For the first time in forever my hamper is completely empty and every piece of laundry is washed. It is icky outside so I didn't want to go anywhere. Basically, I was bored. I did just make a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup which was pretty yummy, so I was somewhat productive. Long story short, I wish he was here. :)

So, my weight loss as been disgraceful lately. I haven't been to a weight watchers meeting in a month and a half. That is mostly due to the fact that almost all of my work deadlines are on Fridays, and I'm always working late on Thursdays when my meetings are. I should just go to a new meeting, but I really like the leader at my current meetings. I am determined to go this week, though. I am quite upset with myself and the fact that I've lost a whopping 3 pounds in 3 months. I've lost that in a week before. There is really no excuse for it. I have been eating pretty well, I just haven't been exercising, and I know I have to. I'm not really sure how to start, but I really need to fit it into my daily routine.

Along those lines, I haven't changed my goals on the right side-bar since I started this whole thing. The main reason is that if I do, I'm admitting that I failed - miserably. It's October 21 and I haven't even met the goal I set for July. How lame is that. I look at pictures of myself and am utterly disgusted, but for some reason I can't translate that into daily motivation. It is really driving me crazy.

Another thing that has been bugging me lately is that my sister has lost a lot of weight. She came out last weekend to visit and do wedding stuff, and she looks really good. I'm not upset that she is losing weight and I'm not... it isn't that at all. What bugs me is that she is taking some sort of pill to help her do it. It's really expensive and not a prescription. My mom keeps calling and saying how proud she is of my sister and how great she looks now. I try to explain to her that I wish she was doing it another way, because it's unhealthy and when she was younger she abused diet pills. My mom responds with "Well, I guess she just really wanted the weight off... its a lot easier to just maintain being thin than actually getting there." OMG! Does that mean that because I'm not risking getting addicted to some pill that I don't want to lose weight? Grrr. It just makes me mad for some reason and I can't really explain it.

Okay, enough ranting. I didn't think I really had anything to say, but I guess I did. :) I hope everyone has a great week! Oh, and GO BRONCOS!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

FYI - My Ass is HUGE

So, I went wedding dress shopping tonight. Did I find THE dress? No. But, I did discover that my butt is gigantic. How often do you look at your own behind straight on? I don't think I ever have.... because if I had, I would have stopped eating right that second. It was kind of like its own entity... like "Hey, there's Lacy... and there's her ass".

So, it was a good night and a bad night... I tried on dresses and veils and even jewlery... lots of fun stuff. But, also kind of depressing. I'm mad/sad that I let myself get to this point... where even in a beautiful wedding dress I can barely stand to look at myself in a mirror. And, I was sad that I didn't have anyone with me. My soon-to-be Aunt Coni was helping me try things on (she works at Davids Bridal), so that was nice... but, I didn't have my mom or sister or best friend with me. Oh well. That's what you get when you move 1,000 miles away from home I guess.

Anyhow, I think this was the "motivating factor" I talked about in my last blog. The realness of the wedding, and the realness of my disgustingness (yeah, because thats a word) has set in. Jiggle Free here I come!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's been too long...

Alright, so I am back from a much too long hiatus. I've been meaning to write for a week or so and just never got around to it.

Things are about the same. Still car shopping/selling (Anyone want a 2004 BMW X3?)... still passively house shopping/selling (Anyone want a 3bed/3bath townhouse?)... still wedding planning (Anyone want to be my wedding planner?). :-) Work is good, life is good, weight loss is okay.

I have a feeling that the day I actually try on wedding dresses will really kick my butt in gear. Luckily, I'm going to do that in a few weeks when my sister flies out, so it isn't too far off. I haven't been doing badly. I've been eating well, I just haven't been exercising. I haven't gained weight, but I've been losing an ity-bity teenie-weenie bit at a time. I'm sure I'll get back in the groove here soon.

So Saturday is Yom Kippur. That means Matt will be fasting from sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. I think I may try to fast with him, simply because I'd feel really mean eating infront of him. We will see how that goes, though! On Sunday we might take a drive into the mountains... a co-worker of mine said the Aspen trees are turning color already. If you've never seen them the leaves turn an amazing bright yellow in the fall... it is gorgeous! So, if the weather isn't too horrible, we may do that.

Other than that, life is boring as usual. Oh, and if anyone wants a really cute, but most likely retarded and incapable of using the litter box cat, I have one! I may be throwing her outside before I go insane. :) (Don't go calling PITA... I'm being sarcastic... kinda.)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Keep On Keepin' On...

Yes, it has been over 2 weeks since I've last blogged. Maybe that makes me a bad person, maybe it doesn't. Maybe it means that I'm not as dedicated as some other people, maybe it doesn't. But, I can assure you that I haven't been sitting in a closet stuffing my face with doughnuts, as someone not-so-kindly implied the last time I went MIA for while. I'm staying on plan and losing weight at the snails-pace I've become used to. The main reason I don't blog often? Basically, I have nothing to say. I'm not reaching the top of any mountains, so I can't yell at the world and have them applaud my accomplishment... But I'm also not falling off of any cliffs into a vat of cheeseburgers and chocolate cake, so I don't need to call for help. I'm just living my life, and my life is not that exciting. We're planning a wedding. We're house shopping. We're used-car shopping. I work, I run errands, I cook dinner, I spend time with my fiance, and I sleep. Lather, Rinse, Repeat as Phoebe would say (or sing... horribly). And through it all I try to make the best decisions I can to get me to where I want to be - Jiggle Free.

So, don't assume that I'm failing just because I'm not writing. Whenever I get free time, I try to catch up on all of your blogs and leave comments, so I'll continue to do that. And, when I think of something interesting to write about, I will do so. Until then, I'll just keep on keepin' on...

Monday, August 13, 2007

I survived the week!

Sorry about not writing all week... it has been beyond busy!

Monday-Wednesday of last week I worked major overtime so that I could take some time off to visit with my parents. I picked them up from the airport on Thursday afternoon. If I had really tried, I probably could have made it to my WW meeting... but, I would have felt super guilty dropping them off at my house, without a vehicle, and leaving for an hour and a half. So, I skipped it. I did really well (all things considered) with eating during the visit. The first night we went to the best Italian place ever - Carrabba's. And boy was it yummy! I ate pretty well all during the day, and with all of the walking I did earlier in the week (and that morning) I had earned a massive number of activity points (basically, extra food points), so I think was well within my allotment, even though it was not even close to healthy. Friday I worked until about 2:00, then hung out with the family. Friday night we BBQ'd buffalo burgers... and they were yummy! I only had one, with low-fat cheese and a whole-grain bun. Saturday morning we went to IHOP and I had the famous 600-calorie breakfast. That night we went out and had steaks... you should have seen the surprise on my parents' faces when I told them a serving was about 3 ounces! hahaha I got the smallest portion (7 oz) and probably ate about 5oz of it. I got green beans and some french fries as sides... Not the worst meal in the world. And then Sunday was our engagement party. It was a ton of fun! My parents got to meet Matt's parents and his whole family, which was great. I opted to eat the grilled chicken and salad instead of the burgers and baked beans. And, I had to splurge and have a piece of cake! (They got us a delicious cake that had a picture of Matt and I on it! SO cute!) Overall, I think I handled it all pretty darn well. It was great to visit with family... and now it's time to get back to normal! :)

Whew! That was sure one big paragraph all about food. Luckily, it was about my good choices, as opposed to a depressing account of my screw-ups! :) The scale hasn't gone down a whole lot... but, I'm hoping for a decent drop tomorrow or the next day. That would be nice!

Anyhow, I hope you all had/have a great week!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Averages are good...

Since we all started the August challenge, I've been weighing myself on my home scale (about 1.5 lbs heavier than the weight watchers scale) every morning and doing the 5-day average thing. I think this is helping a lot. I haven't lost a ton (about 1.4 lbs so far this week) but it seems to keep me on track a lot more. Doing the once-a-week WW weigh in left a lot of wiggle room. If I wanted something bad to eat on Friday, I'd eat it because I had 6 days left before my next weigh in to make up for it. And rarely did I end up making up for it! But, weighing every day doesn't give that option, which has been keeping me on track.

This weekend I did one of my workout videos and it kicked my butt. I couldn't even finish the whole thing! It probably wasn't smart for me to jump in and do it without watching the whole video first, because I didn't pace myself very well. Hopefully next time will be easier.

Tomorrow and Wednesday I am going to get quite the workout... I am doing a parking study for Denver Union Station. That means that in the next two days, I have to walk all four sides of 57 blocks downtown (including the Coors Field lots) to count the number of parking spots available/occupied. That's a lot of walking! As long as the weather cooperates it should be good.

That's all of the good news. The bad news is that my parents are flying in on Thursday. On Sunday, Matt's family is throwing us an engagement party so our families can meet. My parents go home on Monday and Matt's parents stay until Tuesday or Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, I'm super excited about everything I just mentioned... but it also means I have 6 full days of company and a party to throw a major wrench into my eating habits. I know I will make decent choices... it's just going to be tough! Wish me luck! :)

*EDIT: Previously, I said my scale read lighter than WW... I had it backwards... it is actually heavier.